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Retaw Da Rapper _ SHA.mp3

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SHA is a song which talks about religion in today's world and the ills that accompanies it's practice.
Religion has blindfolded men from the TRUTH in God's word.


Verse 1:
Religion na bad guy SHA
I swear say the thing dey high men SHA
E dey Jones, e dey make men dey lose sense SHA
Oh Lord! This thing don dey ruin men SHA
Religion na thief, religion na scam
The thing don dey nack men SHA
E don turn men to blind men SHA
See many men no dey see well SHA
Religion dey worry SHA
E dey make men dey worry SHA
E don make many men pursue dem mummy SHA
E don turn men to be lovers of money SHA
My guy don dey pinch me SHA
Dem say Guy this jam go cut your fan base SHA
Your sales and your rep go dey on downgrade SHA
But me I no send, I dey trust God SHA


Verse 2:
The thing don dey fear me SHA
How men take religion use tie head SHA
I say the thing jus dey pain me SHA
Grown men no fit discern well SHA
E go make plenty sense say we stand with Jesus and Him word gidigba than say we stand with men SHA
When matter leak dem go cry well SHA
Walai! Dem go cry well SHA
But it's still better late than never, though never late the better
This na my own opinion SHA
You fit from inside dey form active SHA
But that no mean say you be member SHA
One time Jesus talk say dem Pharisees no be God pikin, shey you remember SHA
If you feel say the stone touch you SHA
Abeg make you sorry SHA


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