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The Christ Life

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This song was inspired by the Holy Spirit through the teachings of Bishop Wale Ajayi. The Christ Life is about our identity in Christ, what He has done for us by His death on the cross, how we are now one with Him.

When we received Christ, we put on His identity, so when God sees us, He sees Christ, the righteous one. Therefore, we stand holy, blameless, without reproach before God. Hence, when we pray, there’s great power and it produces wonderful results.


I receive the love he gives
My life is changed
I have put on Christ
I am in him by the price of love
No longer the same
I have the Christ life

I’m blessed in him
I walk in him
I move in him
He’s alive in me
I’m favored by him
I’m chosen by him
Oh oh oh oh
I have the Christ life

This place is not my home
My help comes from him alone
He is my source
My sustainer
Christ is my Eco-system

He’s alive in me
I have the Christ life.

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